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DFTBA ring (Don’t forget to be awesome)
3D printed DFTBA ring in different sizes and materials, including silver, brass and bronze!
50% of my profit from the DFTBA rings will go to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck!!





If lesbian Irene can fall for Sherlock

Why can’t hetero John fall for Sherlock?

that’s essentially what irene says in their scene in a scandal in belgravia, and the main reason why it’s one of my favorites in the series. ”if anyone out there still cares, i’m not actually gay.” “well i am. look at us both.”


and John’s immediate reaction to her statement


This fucking show. 

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Don’t give parents all the credit that they get when they accept that their child isn’t straight and/or cis. That’s not heroic, no matter what their beliefs are. That’s basic human decency.

Well it’s decency a lot of people don’t show. It’s rarity alone make it worthy of recognition and affirmation.

It may be rare, but it’s still basic human decency and parents shouldn’t be hailed as heroes for not shunning their child



me: hey accept me into your school

college: whats ur gpa

me: 4.20

college: youre in

it just struck me that a 4.20 is actually a really good gpa and a lot of colleges would probably accept u for it