So you know that thing...?
I have lots of things. Maybe I'll share some of them with you.
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A list of things Jemma Simmons has jumped out of: 

• airplane

A list of things Jemma Simmons has jumped into: 

• airplane




This guy in my class likes to think he’s the only one who knows about tumblr
When a girl messed up her presentation he literally held up a drawn star that said ‘you tried’ and said to me “you probably won’t get it it’s an Internet thing.”

please say you slapped him

im just gonna keep reblogging this until he finds it

hes here somewhere

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Reblogging your friends hot selfies to show them off like


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the fucking worst is when people are like “you hate people for having a different opinion than you!!!!” like im not shitting on this guy because he thinks pistachio ice cream is gross im shitting on him because he actually believes that i and people like me dont deserve basic human rights and respect and safety

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Agents Of Shield preview: Ward will be in next week’s episode a lot.


Agents Of Shield preview: Also, we will also be showing you a trailer for Avengers Age Of Ultron!


I see the ratings SKYROCKETING next week! November sweeps BABY!